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Machine Construction

All moving parts , which can be effected by wear, we can cover with a plastic layer. Also being used in insulating movement, vibration or transmission.

We can provide any moving parts that are subject to wear with a protective plastic layer. In addition, plastic is used to damp vibration, and fix or brake moving parts. It is also used to control guided moving parts.

Often used plastic components in machine construction

Plastic or plastic-related components that are often used in machine construction include sliding bearings, guiding devices, sliding plates. Sliding bearings are used for pivot points, impellers and for the moving systems in machinery. Plastic parts, whether fibre reinforced or not, are used for sliding, turning or rotating machine components.

Static plastic applications

Plastic is also used as insulation or fastening for static systems. Plastics are used for machinery mounted on floors to dampen the machine’s shaking due to vibration. Plastics are also used in the medical sector. Static electricity is prevented by insulating electrical conduits. In addition, composite components are manufactured to counteract magnetic fields. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) also use static applications. We produce custom-made components for this purpose. We also assist in developing new components, for example for mobility scooters.

We look forward to be of assistance to you so you can integrate the right components into your machinery. Contact us with your needs, and we will help you by contributing our ideas.

Other sectors from ASEC:

Bridges and Locks

If you are looking for specific parts, please use our knowledge.

Maritime Sector

For the shipbuilding sector, ranging from yachts to mammoth ocean-going tankers, we develop and supply a wide range of plastic components to keep all parts moving as efficiently as possible.

Agricultural Sector

Improving your results by using improved and optimized components

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