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Bridges and Locks

In bridges and locks all kinds of bearings, brake materials and spherical bearings are used under high demand.

Civil works are operated on a daily basis and have many moving parts. Lift bridges and locks are equipped with sliding bearings, brake parts, friction materials and spherical bearings.


The spherical bearings below a lock gate are subjected to many forces on a daily basis. To replace such bearings requires the lock to be out of commission for a longer period of time. The reduced lock capacity results in many delays for shipping traffic. The spherical bearings must therefore have a long service life.

Spherical bearings – innovation

To improve the strength of spherical bearings, we succeeded in having the fibres in the bottom part run in a horizontal direction and the fibres in the upright part in a vertical direction. This way the horizontal, as well as the vertical forces are absorbed, thus guaranteeing a longer service life.


We supply brake components, spherical bearings, sliding bearings, friction materials and sliding sections for lift and swing bridges. In short, all these moving parts require high-quality plastic components, so that road, rail and water-based traffic experiences the least possible disruption.

Other sectors from ASEC:

Maritime Sector

For the shipbuilding sector, ranging from yachts to mammoth ocean-going tankers, we develop and supply a wide range of plastic components to keep all parts moving as efficiently as possible.

Agricultural Sector

Improving your results by using improved and optimized components

Machine Construction

Protecting sliding or rotating machine parts, eventually with extra composite winding.

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