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Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector uses a lot of plastic parts containing machines: like lifting, loading, storage, spraying, or transport machines.

The agricultural sector uses a wide range of machinery that contains plastic parts. This includes spraying machines, lifting equipment, cargo bodies, semi-trailers and sprayers.

Innovative solutions in the agricultural sector

In addition to developing and supplying plastic components, we assist in developing solutions for a wide range of problems. For example, we have developed protective profiles that can be placed over the steel profiles in stables, so that cows no longer injure their feet. We also assisted in finding a solution to the problem of cows incurring bruised and even fractured ribs when lying down in the stable. Plastics components are used to allow the separation brackets (partitions) between the cows in the lying boxes to move when the animals lie down or stand up.

Making improvements

Many components that contain plastic are used in the agricultural sector. The aim is to implement technical improvements so that less material is needed to achieve the same result and to improve performance by finding better components. Smart machines are manufactured for the agricultural sector to as much as possible maximise work performance and cost reduction. Technical developments in this sector are proceeding at a rapid pace, focused on making machinery more efficient to in particular reduce the consumption of water, electricity and crop protection agents and nutrients.

Each machine has its own task

Harvesting potatoes, for example, requires a different machine from harvesting brussels sprouts. And this is just one specific aspect. Many actions are required before a crop can be harvested. All of these actions require specific machines. Implements and machinery with pivoting points, frames, and sliding and rotating parts. This requires specific plastic components. Agricultural machinery is subject to constant improvement. Different materials with a longer service life are being used. This has made it possible to control the pace of wear and tear.

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