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Use of plastic elements reduces friction and makes wear manageable

The better the protecting part is aligned with the machinery's function and the environment in which it operates, the longer the service life. This requires expert knowledge and experience which you will find at ASEC. The availability of standard to engineering plastic parts provides for an unlimited range of possible applications. On this page you will find information about the type of products that we produce.

ASEC - Sliding Bearings

Sliding bearings

Synthetic plain bearings protect your shafts and keep the shaft running smoothly.

ASEC - Spherical Bearings

Spherical Bearings

ASEC SP spherical plain bearings ensure optimal alignment of your pivots.

ASEC - Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

We select all types of engineering plastics and match them with your product requirements

ASEC - Friction Materials

Friction Materials

Friction materials with many available formulations of high quality for many applications.

ASEC - Insulation Materials

Insulation Materials

ASEC is able to supply insulation composite made of sheets, tube or custom-made parts.

ASEC PRODUCTS: putting the brake on wear

We can supply you with the plastic parts you need, in particular plastic parts that must meet specific requirements. In addition, we also supply related parts, making us a one-stop supplier.

We are proud of our products, and like to show it

Looking for specific engineering parts? We can supply, including related products

The links below provide you with information about the type of products we can produce for you in?house or contract out to a third party:

Our partners

ASEC Products is official distributor of ECO Bearings in the Netherlands and Belgium. Environmentally friendly bearing systems such as stern tube and rudder bearings and filtration systems with focus on solution engineering and client collaboration. Engineering and supply of scopes ranging from single parts deliveries to full mechanical assemblies with monitoring. Inhouse material test facilities.

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Tropical rains forests are under enormous stress it is up us to ensure that they survive. Combining carefully selected wood chips as residues of industry with thermoplastics (does not contain PVC), Tecnodeck is result of advanced technology, allowing an excellent use of resources. ASEC Products represents Tecnodeck products in The Netherlands for high quality materials made of wood particles, 100% recycled and a smaller part of HDPE resin, absolutely inert suitable for health and food contact.

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ASEC Products is official distributor of Norden Maritim composite bearings in The Netherlands and Belgium who produces high quality products to maritime customers since 1997. Market leading companies are choosing Norden materials due to our cost efficient and high quality solutions. Combine this with our technical knowledge, and our customers receive a trustworthy and flexible service required in fast pace markets.

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ASEC Products is official distubitor of TRIBOtechnic founded in 1989 by Marc Bellantonio in reply to the market demand for new and innovative solutions in tribology. In 1988, IONBOND developed Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), revolutionary surface treatment for anti-wear coatings. The performance of DLC coatings was far superior to other tribological solutions on the market. It opened excellent opportunities for TRIBOtechnic on the French market with DLC being applied in various new fields, such as high tech mechanical parts, Formula 1 engines, prostheses, medical applications, tools, etc. Today ASEC Products supplies TRIBOtechnic equipment and support in The Netherlands.

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ASEC Products is official distributor for Zell-Metall Engineering Plastics in The Netherlands who produces high quality products since 1949. Zell-Metall products has been carried out with the highest precision on the most modern extrusion lines, all designed for high-quality and low stress materials. Zell-Metall Engineering Plastics are committed to sustainability 100% electricity made from water (ecological) for production of their plastics.

ASEC PRODUCTS is specialized in

  • bearings
  • spherical bearings
  • engineering plastics
  • friction material
  • insulation material