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About ASEC Products

ASEC Kunststoffen B.V. was founded in 2008 by Eelco Zanders, responsible for commercial operations, and Steven de Jong, responsible for technical operations. Steven and Eelco have been working with plastics since 1989 and are expanding the company’s knowledge base on a daily basis. The team is supported by technically skilled employees. Over the course of the years, ASEC Kunststoffen B.V. has evolved into an industrial supplier and authority in the field of plastics, composites and metals. Since 2020 the portfolio has been extended so much that the trade name ASEC Products is more appropriate.

From standard to high-tech custom work

We supply a comprehensive package of products, ranging from standard parts, such as sliding bearings, spherical bearings, engineering plastics, insulation materials and friction materials made of various materials, shapes and dimensions to high-tech custom-made work. Your requirement is our starting point.

35 manufacturers throughout the world

To be able to supply components of the proper composition and shape, we work together with 35 manufacturers throughout the world. Each has its own area of specialisation. All are ISO 9001 certified. Because of these cooperative working relationships we are able to deal with any challenge.

Measuring wear

The degree of wear exhibited by used parts constitutes a valuable source of information. It enables us to precisely determine where the exerted pressure is greatest and where new parts must provide increased protection. We measure any available used parts. If no used parts are available, we work from the drawings and use them to calculate the forces the parts must be able to withstand.

Plastics specialist for divergent sectors

There are few sectors we do not supply. Our components are applied in many areas, such as attractions, dredging machinery, electronics, civil works, agriculture, horticulture, machine construction, offshore, furnace construction, pump manufacture, shipbuilding, truck and trailer manufacture, and the food industry.

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ASEC PRODUCTS is specialized in

  • bearings
  • spherical bearings
  • engineering plastics
  • friction material
  • insulation material