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ASEC Applications

We offer plastics parts for all industries: from skates to the enormous dilitation plates for the offshore industry.

We supply plastic parts to a wide range of industries, ranging from clap skates to huge expansion plates for offshore platforms. For the majority of applications, the components must be able to withstand water, seawater, sand and rain showers.

Our activities can be devided as follows:

Asec Products - Bruggen & sluizen

Bridges and Locks

If you are looking for specific parts, please use our knowledge.

Asec Products - Maritiem

Maritime Sector

For the shipbuilding sector, ranging from yachts to mammoth ocean-going tankers, we develop and supply a wide range of plastic components to keep all parts moving as efficiently as possible.

Asec Products - Agrarisch

Agricultural Sector

Improving your results by using improved and optimized components

Asec Products - Machinebouw

Machine Construction

Protecting sliding or rotating machine parts, eventually with extra composite winding.

ASEC PRODUCTS is specialized in

  • bearings
  • spherical bearings
  • engineering plastics
  • friction material
  • insulation material