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Project The Houtribsluizen

The Houtribsluizen is a lock complex on the waterway between Amsterdam and Lemmer near Lelystad. The locks are each 190 meters long and 18 meters wide. They are suitable for ships up to 5000 tons and two-bin pushing vessels. The bridges are approximately 7 meters above the average water level. Some 80,000 ships pass through these locks every year. The small lock is especially suitable for recreational boating, it is 67 meters long, 9 meters wide and 3.5 meters deep. The locks are operated 24 hours a day from a central control tower. The discharge sluice consists of 6 openings that can be closed with steel lift doors. The total discharge capacity is a maximum of 630 cubic meters of water per second. The complex opened in 1975.

The wood rib locks at Lelystad is a project in which ASEC Kunststoffen B.V. was asked to provide an improved plain bearing that should be low maintenance. High loads occur.

In all moving parts of the control ASEC Products plain bearings supplied. All bearings have been successfully replaced by the improved type thus this project was completed satisfactorily.

ASEC PRODUCTS is specialized in

  • bearings
  • spherical bearings
  • engineering plastics
  • friction material
  • insulation material