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Information Sliding Bearings

Plastic plain bearings protect your shafts and keep the shaft running smoothly.

They are widely used in machines, from standard to specialized in heat, cold, flexibility and pressure/traction.

Plastic sliding bearings protect the shafts in your machinery and ensure they continue to run smoothly. These bearings are often used in various machines, ranging from standard to specialised machinery, situated in hot and cold environments, requiring flexibility, and subjected to compressive and tensile forces.

Broad range of sliding bearings

We supply an extremely broad range of sliding bearings. Ranging from simple plastic bearings to complex bearings equipped with filament windings. The product range is extensive, ranging from steel and bronze bearings to galvanised bearings with a PTFE interior. And ranging from small to large. Our composites can be supplied up to a 2-metre diameter and can be made of segments with an infinite diameter! Sliding bearings are used in the shipbuilding and offshore industries for screw shaft bearings or rudder shaft bearings. To illustrate the dimensions involved, 600-mm screw shafts are used in 322-metre mammoth ocean-going tankers.

Modifying standardised sliding bearings

Standardised sliding bearings are manufactured in accordance with the DIN and ISO standards. If desired, we can custom-make such bearings, and in fact this is one of our specialties. Be sure to make use of our knowledge and experience so as to acquire the best possible parts with the longest possible service life!

We supply various types of bearing materials, such as:

  • Bronze/plastic
  • Composite
  • Steel/plastic
  • Thermoplastic
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

Products for special applications

We develop numerous products for special applications and we also supply our customers with parts of non-standard dimensions. Minor modifications can make a major difference, while more complex solutions may be required at other times. We always consider making a unique component that meets your needs, a challenge.

Pivot bearings – innovations

When our company was founded we implemented a major innovation designed to produce shareable pivot bearings, so that the fibres are all aligned in the proper direction. These bearings are used in various applications, such as opening lock gates. To increase the lateral stability it was important to have the fibres of the upright edge run in a different direction from the plate itself.

Custom-made pivot bearings and sliding bearings

Let us know about the modifications you require and we will start working on finding the best possible solution. Often a minor adjustment is sufficient for creating a unique component for your machinery.

Would you like to know more about a product or service or do you need advice from our specialists? We will be happy to help you.

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